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The Open Door Foundation regularly runs focused campaigns to raise funds for targeted needs. We welcome your support of these special, limited-time, campaigns.

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January 21, 2023

For our first project of 2023, we are raising funds to augment and upgrade the bathroom facilities at a child care home in Bangalore. 

Our goal is to raise 4,50,000/ ($5600 USD) to address the undesirable situation affecting 50 children. Help us build new facilities!

❗❗ We currently have donors who have agreed to *match* all donations, so your contributions will go twice as far ❗❗

The current situation:

  • The home houses 50 children from 5 years to 18 years of age

  • The home has 5 bathrooms, 5 toilets, and no designated wash basins

  • The facilities are few and dilapidated, with serious plumbing issues in the toilets

  • Toilets have no flushes and poor lighting

  • Bathrooms have weathered flooring and non-functioning fixtures

  • Outdoor storage shed is weather-worn and porous to rodents

  • Lack of proper shelving limits its utility

Our plan is to 

  • Add 3 toilets and 3 bathrooms bringing the total to 16

  • Outfit all toilets with concealed plumbing and hygiene fittings

  • Bring in ample running water to all units

  • Upgrade lighting to make it night-time friendly for the kids

  • Improve drainage

  • Rebuild the outdoor storage unit and install shelving

The Open Door Foundation volunteers are overseeing this project at no cost. Pearl Developers has extended their architectural, interior design, project management and procurement management support at no cost.

Timelines for execution is January and February 2023.

💢 Contributions towards this program can be made to The Open Door Foundation.

💢 Significant contributions can be acknowledged by a placard at the orphanage.

Photos below show the current state of the facilities. 

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